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7 September 2014- Simplicity of Living

Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. If you have them, you have to take care of them! There is great freedom in simplicity of living. It is those who have enough but not too much who are the happiest.

Peace Pilgrim

-President and I on our way to the Teotihuacan Chapel-


Monday- 01 September 2014

 Arrival of 17 New Missionaries 

Morning arrivals (#10) from the Mexico City CCM 

A bite of breakfast while everyone introduces themselves. Then President Egbert interviews them one by one and then at 1:30 PM companionship's who are near the mission office arrive and take one or two new missionaries and are their hosts until changes tomorrow morning. 

President and I then scoot to Mexico City Airport to pick up the Provo Utah MTC arrivals. They arrived very late and were totally exhausted but in great spirits. Into bed after midnight at the Assistants house and the Sister Leader Trainer Trainers house. Thank you to all who are so accommodating.


Tuesday Morning Changes 

Our biggest mission wide transfers yet. We have been blessed to have many missionaries in their areas for almost 6 months; significant changes were involved in addition to the new 17 missionaries and their trainers. 

Faces of Change  

Apologies to Elder Steadman and Elder Hernandez as I didn't get their picture because of their sick companions... in the end they ended up together and we kept the two sickies together for another cycle as they were unable to travel in for transfers.


  • 17 New Missionaries
  • 6 Elders Returning Home- (In the Mexico Pachuca Mission No One is EVER an Ex-Missionary)
  • Total of #180 Missionaries in the Mexico Pachuca Mission
  • 1 Missionary departed on Friday so we had special changes again on Friday after mission wide transfers.
  • Tuesday opened 5 new houses
  • Friday closed down 1 house
  • As of this moment a trio of Elders and a trio of Hermanas
I LOVE the anticipation/smiles of transfers as they comes piling out the door...

Thank you Elders for being positive and flexible! (Friday)

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something YOU have charge of.

Jim Rohn

Tuesday Afternoon BBQ with Returning Missionaries

 Words cannot even express our love for each missionary who has served honorably and obediently. Elder Caballero/ Elder Trent Smith former assistants to President.


These Elders are better missionaries then they are ping pong players!!!

"What's our strategy?!"


Nothing like President's BBQ'd hamburgers for saying goodbye...


Goodbyes are not forever.

Good byes are not the end. 

They simply mean I'll miss you 

Until we meet again!

Elder Macias (Torreon, Coahuila Mexico):  Elder Andres Vasquez (San Marcos- Guatemala): Joaquin Caballero (Veracruz- Mexico): Elder Luis Camacho (Reynosa, Tamaulipas Mexico):           Elder Trent Smith (Washington Utah USA) : Elder Jhon Gomez (Santander, Colombia)


Wednesday- Leadership Consejo  

3 September 2014

(Assistants, Zone Leaders and Sister Leader Trainers- look how we are growing)

Elder/Hermana Ramos who come join us for lunch and deliver mail for all the leaders to take back to their areas. They hold the Mission Office together daily.


Thursday- Zone Capacitations and Language Exams..

Pachuca Sur Zone  

Elder Beesely and Elder Bickley Zone Leaders


Tecamac II Zone- Elder Vique/Elder Stucki Zone Leaders


Friday -New Missionary/Trainer Orientation


SNAPSHOTS of the Mission 

The Real Reason We Are Here - 

We try to be humble as we know praise goes to our Heavenly Father for the many tender mercies but may we brag on our missionaries for one moment?... the month of August they had the most baptisms since the mission was established. #106- We are so proud of them all. Their efforts of opening their mouths, being courageous, obedient, and working hard are paying off in finding real converts. It's not easy being here... as the videos make it look way easier than it is! KUDOS to all our missionaries and families at home for keeping them encouraged and supported. Thank you.

(Spanish Speaking Elder)
This week was incredible, never on the mission had I feel like this before, we have 44 lessons and 14 new investigators, teach in taxis and feel very strong spirit, the driver finish the lesson with a prayer and offered it, we did many times. I´m so happy for see miracles in my mission, I testify about the purification, I prayed for have ideas of work with members and those ideas came to our mission leader, the members are supporting us much.
My testimonio is stronger, my faith is bigger. now I know we can do anything!!!
:) love you president! Elder P 

 I love the matching skirts for their baptism ....Looking GREAT!

(English Speaking Hermana)
querido Presidente,
Hola Presidente! Mucho gusto a escribir usted y hablar sobre la semana pesada...WHAT A WEEK! Presidente la verdad no se donde yo debo espesar porque creo esta semana pasada fue lleno de cosas que paso. Pues primero, tuvimos nuestra primero bautismo in Venta Prienta juntas y fue muy bonita. Estoy agradecida que todos los elderes y personas avisarme antes que dias de bautismo es muy crazy! Y yo pude ver toda la opasicion pero vimos muchos milagros de nuestro Padre Celestial para ayudarnos a hacer que el queria para su hijo y nuestro investigador Yael. Primero su mama no quería el a tomar un bautismo pero su corazon cambia y ahora ella quiere también. Los miembros de nuestra barrio nos ayuda mucho y fue muy bonita. Entiendo ahora porque todos de mis otras compañeras antes fue muy estresadas porque es un gran dia! Pero bonita!
Tambien los asistenstes nos invitaron a tratar a tener 50 lecciones y Presidente estoy muy muy muy feliz decir que hacemos con la ayuda de nuestro Padre Celestial y los miembros y tambien con...trabajo...mucho trabajo! Fue muy bonita para ver y la verdad nuestra ultima dia faltamos 8 lecciones y tuvimos el bautismo to be worried about and to focus y en mi mente yo pensi que pues tal vez no vamos a tener pero esta bien porque este bautismo es mas importante por Yael pero durante mi oracion yo senti que vamos a hacer y que podemos con nuesto Padre Celestial y todos nuestras problemas durante el dia realmente fue bendiciones para ayudarnos a cumplir y Presidente somos muy feliz Y LA VERDAD NO TENGO PALABRAS. Solo tengo mucho humildad y gratitude en mi corazon. Tambien tuvimos discursos este Domingo y siento bien para ver que siempre la obra va a contuar y siempre necesitamos dar mas y mas y mas.
Estoy muy feliz y estoy tratando mejor, y gracias por su carta porqwue realmente yo senti fue para mi. A veces yo no estoy espesando punto de tiempo pero yo puedo cada dia y voy a estar en una rutina porque yo quiero todo de las cosas ser una normal para mi y nunca duda o hacer algo diferente!
Presidente también estoy tratando a ser humilde con mi espanol, yo se no puedo ser perfecta pero cada vez yo recibi un corrección yo siento mal pero yo se yo necesito estar ien porque es parte de la proceso entonces voy a tratar ser mejor con eso. No se porque pero soy muy sensible pero voy a amar correcciones :) Pero esta semana fue muy bonito y doy gracias a Dios los miembros y mis lideres en nuestra zona para ayudarnos. Después este semana yo se podemos hacer cualquier cosa que Dios quiere :) Gracias Presidente para escucharme y querer saber como yo esta. Estoy muy feliz y lista cada dia a mejorar . Gracias por su amor a mi y su confianza en mi a estar y entrenar Hermana _______.
Le ama la mision y le amo usted Presidente. Mucho :) Y Hermana Egbert :) Tengan una bonita semana :) Con mucho amor, Hermana G


Miscellaneous pictures.....

Taking a "selfie" while pedaling.... oh my!!!


Sometimes those hugs are just what you need...

Our Hermanas are so stinkin' cute! 


Dear Elder Beeselys family-

 Is this what the therapist wanted for physical therapy when he mentioned riding a bike would help his knee?

 But on a serious note I wish this was the bike he was riding before his crash! Elder Beesely and Elder Vique on divisions... 

Elder Smart you looked "shocked"! You are the captain of this group-right?!

 President- I'm out of bed on time in a chair studying... osmosis?!

Look how sharp our 6 missionaries look... all with matching pink!

Elder Katich appreciating the beauty of his area... this is where I would love to serve if I was 19 yrs old again. Fields, farms, and crops...

 Elder Campuzano/ Elder Jimenez 

Never leaving an opportunity to serve someone. Elder Campuzano has been the perfect example of serving his mission selflessly- with everyone else's needs before his own. And always giving it all he's got... 150% all the time.

We are so going to miss him! Here's to One last cycle---sniff, sniff, 

 "We know exactly what we are doing!?!"

 Have we mentioned the rain in Pachuca?


Mom Cardwell look how sharp your son Elder Cardwell looks in his new suit. He has become so fit and trim- We are all envious!

"These are my favorite marshmallow candies ever...."  

Assistants to the President Elder Esteves -Elder Kearl  Sept 2014

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