Monday, September 22, 2014

21 September 2014- God loves us completely.

"Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, He loves us perfectly. Though we may feel lost and without compass, God's love encompasses us completely... He loves every one of us, even those who are flawed, rejected, awkward, sorrowful, or broken." 

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel"

-The Prophet Joseph Smith


President reported this week to the missionaries that we a week ago the mission had the highest % of missionaries reach the standards and an all time high number of finding new investigators by personal initiative. We are so grateful for their efforts...


Our Missionaries hard at work...

 Elder Chavez in Apan with Elder/Hermana Cano our newest senior couple who are serving faithfully and helping the branch tremendously. 

Lovin' the use of P-Day for what it is intended for! Love it when the Elders have a plan and it all comes together.... 

 Wouldn't you want these 4 Elders in your ward council?



The value of personal/companionship study and quality planning can never be underestimated. 

 "The doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of  behavior will improve behavior."

-President Boyd K Packer

 Happy Birthday Hermana Cebreros


Oh ya- We celebrated Mexico's Independence Day!!!

 (No comments needed on these pictures!)

 The Pachuca Mex zone celebrated BIG- Pinata and all...

 These two are like the "real deal"- Elders Jimenez/Christensen

 These photos should curtail any options for dating upon their return home!  I love the look, Elders.


 This week was full of zone interviews and house checks... 

Tecamac I/ Pachuca Mex/ Pachuca Centro Zones

 Love this new house in Ixim for Elder Russel/Elder Guerra 

(Nice find Elders Barber/Zeldeon)



 Elder Child and Elder Zeledon in Ixmiquilpan 1 

Headed back on P-Day from VISA paperwork at the offices. 

Elder Smith and Elder Mendoza in their oh so cozy house.
Yep its as wide as you see...


So this simple new house was just opened this last cycle for these two "Sister Leader Trainers" Hermana Ramirez/Hermana Luna in the Pachuca Mex Zone. Thanks to Elder Gomez and Elder Elton for preparing this house.


These two Elders have their house looking great and have been working so hard in their area. Their district is seeing much success. I love how they support and encourage each other! 

Nice job Elder Vasquez and Elder Cordova...


This is a newer house we opened two cycles ago. I am so grateful for the good members in this ward (Bosques-Tecamac I) that support and help our missionaries consistently.

The golden district of "Bosques"

Hermana Bailey and Hermana Contreras Casa

This house makes me smile every time because it is the "Most improved " house - thanks to Elder Heninger. A paint job last cycle and now he replaced the broken windows! Thanks so much Elder...


"Blue" is very popular in Mexico...


These Elders' house looked great considering they never have water and the neighbors store half their belonging in the Elders house. Thanks for your efforts Elder Lancaster/Elder Rivera.


Elder Williams/Elder Pena are ALIVE! They were so sick they missed last transfers and so had to stay together one more cycle. Maybe that was part of their plan.... hahaha... House looks great and nothing leaking through the ceiling! These two are a great duo.


I appreciated the simplest of houses that are easy to clean and in a great part of their areas. This is one of those houses! 


Actopan Hermanas loving their area.... lots of potential!

(Below) Elder Barbers and Elder Maravillas house... they need a little goat for the front yard landscape.


I appreciate these two sisters attention to detail. They always have their house in tip top shape no matter the day/hour. 

Great job Hermanas!!!

One of my favorite houses ever! and it looked great- since this picture was taken- a few days later we had to add another Elder to this house for a trio. These two Elders were so kind and willing to do whatever President asked. This is the second time this cycle they have been asked to do this. Thank you sincerely Elders!


The cleanest house for the week goes to these two! Nice job Elder Hernandez and Elder Caamal- we are so proud of you both and thankful for the effort and care you put into your house.


"Come on in...."


House find of the year! 

You know those little tender mercies? Yes, this is one of those houses. We gives thanks daily that we found this house for these sisters. The other one was a leaking disaster- look how colorful warm they have it decorated. Nice job Hermanas!


This house takes the prize too! Not a thing out of place and the improvement to this house compared to a year ago is drastic. So thankful for Elders who care about the condition of where they live. Kudos!!! Your mothers should be so proud!


This house of the Tecamac 1 Zone Leaders is one of the most challenging houses- but they never complain and always have things in order. They have no kitchen sink so have to use the one on the back patio. It is small and simple but does the job. What a great interview day in this zone!


This is a great house provided for rent from members of their ward. Pachuca Centro zone leaders take great care of their place as they often house the missionaries from Molango when they come to Pachuca. Everything in its place.

Elder Barrios and Elder Stewart

This house is roomy and nice- but it comes with many quirks that the sisters are tired of dealing with... so they have just found a new little place to move into where the electricity/water work and hopefully doesn't flood. 


 I don't think I'd ever have to check these two Elders houses again. The last few checks have been close to PERFECT! They have everything clean and in order... and music softly playing... makes my whole day sunny! Nice job-


 This is a unique house placed in a unique spot on a large hill in Pachuca. Driving to it on narrow ( I mean narrow) windy streets gives me anxiety- but when I finally get to their house in one piece I'm so relieved and happy to see them that it probably doesn't matter what their house looks like! They are going to get the broken window replaced and shower curtain rod- then they are good to go!

Thanks Elders....


These two great Hermana's have a cute little house. It is always freezing inside... but they have a space heater that takes off the chill. Grateful for sister that work hard, are low maintenance and never whine! These two fall under that category...



These two sisters live in this house, but need to move as the owners won't be renting to us much longer. So they have to find a new house to rent in their area and move. Also they had to take over an additional area where we had to close down a house for the rest of the cycle... and they are "training". Wow... they belong in the same category as the sisters shown above. Never whine or complain, and continue to move forward no matter the challenges with a smile. Thank you sisters!


Oh how grateful we are for bikes!!!

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