Sunday, April 5, 2015

5 April 2015- "...dedicating ourselves to His gospel."


And thus the week begins....

10 New Arrivals from the CCM in Mexico City

- 1 from the Provo Utah MTC...


Tuesday Morning Cambios (Transfers)

 What?! My suitcase is in what pile????

 Elder Reese and Elder Ford....what a great team!

 This is it! Our last cycle has finished... where did those two years go?

 We sure are going to miss Elder Ramos and appreciate his service to the Mision Mexico Pachuca Mission the last 23 months.... Muchas Gracias!

So these two were our luggage crew and had colored pipe cleaners to distinguish which suitcases of which missionaries were delivered to which houses for departing missionaries. Nice job Elders!!!

 (Below) we were feeling hopeful of our progress in making transfers more efficient and effective to get everyone back to their areas in a faster time frame. Taxi's lined up waiting to take our great missionaries to the bus station with all their luggage. We have a large number of members who also bring and retrieve missionaries. We are thankful for everyone's efforts every 6 weeks to make this happen...

And these are the faces of CHANGE....

Has anyone seen this missionary???


Organized chaos.... yep!



Good byes can be so bitter sweet.... Trainers make a life long impression!



 On occasion I think if President could 'huck' his phone over that block wall behind him- he would!!!


We are sad to see Elder Esteves leave for home....
 and Elder Iverson and Elder Stucki...
 Losing some of the best missionaries this mission has seen!


I couldn´t express not even in the 100th part of what really has happened here in México. Even less words would I have to explain the incredible change i´ve felt in my heart and testimony. To put it in a short phrase id say that it´s been the best two years for my life. 
Before I forget, we were planning on doing a last minute wedding and baptism today for our dear brother Pablo... But he called me this last Friday in the morning almost screaming. He was so pumped, "Stucki! Jensen! Come! I´m getting married today and i need you two and the sister missionaries to be my 4 witnesses!!" We ran to the offices, grabbed our passports and fast and furious-ed it to the civil-married center. In less than 1 and a half he was married. Crazy morning. Afterwards he really desired to be baptized, so instead of waiting until today, we had an emergency interview and he was able to get baptized with Evelyn, Verónica and Lila. It was probably one of the most hectic and stressful nights of my mission due to a huge rainstorm, no hot water, and almost constantly 1 or 2 of the four investigators running home to get something. We were supposed to start at 7:00 but couldnt start until 8:15. but in the end an incredible spirit was felt as they took those steps down into the water and even more special as they gasped for air afterwards. I LOVE being a missionary.

An incomparably small list of things i learned throughout these two years (I don´t want to say that I am perfect in all these things, nor close, but this is what i´ve learned):
God is real.
He loves us and offers us His help if we choose to look for it and accept it.
Satan is real too.
He too has a plan to guide us step by step. We must watch our every step.
I´ve learned how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
How to make quick burritos, pancakes and cereal.
To never trust a dog.
To shine shoes like a champ (but still cant do it like him)
To Fold a shirt
To find just about any scripture in 5 seconds (más o menos)
Obedience brings miracles.
Gratitude lightens the attitude, and attitude truly "is everything" (like mom says every single day)
We can "start over" at any given moment, aka repentance is REAL. Woohoo!
Excuses are just lies holding us down from real success.
Justification is the enemy to repentance and true Joy. (Pres.Egbert)
"Pleasure" and "Joy" are two very separate and key subjects. 
If you want to make a friend, share your time. If you want to make an Eternal friend, share your time and the Gospel.
"You can either find the thorns on the rosebush or look for the roses on the thornbush." (abe lincoln)
Its 100 times better to try and fail than to never try.
You don't know what you got til it´s gone.
You may miss a lifetime opportunity for simply not being willing to test it out.
My English is terrible... and so is my Spanish.
Pride is the switch that turns of Priesthood power (all spiritual power), Humility is the switch that turns it on.
The comfort zone is over-rated.
Jesus Christ is our Savior and Wants to save us, but can´t if we aren´t willing to be saved.
"The Gospel" means change. Having a testimony is knowing that it is true. Conversion is being constantly faithful to that testimony.

Honestly I feel like this list could go on for hours. Of course with time i will be able to share more deeply what it´s really been like to be a missionary and what more i´ve learned. Sure love you all and just want you to know that If i´ve learned anything as a missionary it would be that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true and living church of the Lord. He desires our salvation. He is not a God of confusion nor frustration, but one of order and Joy. His son, Jesus Christ, is the only mediator and Savior. He is perfectly Just and perfectly Merciful. To receive his mercy we must repent of our sins and thrust the nature man from our heart, becoming sanctified in Him. He lives, and because he lives you and I can be free. We can receive Eternal Life with our families. Anything we must sacrifice in order to obtain that is 100% worth it. 

I love you....
-Your Son, Brother, Grandson, Uncle, Cousin, Nephew, Friend,
Your Missionary, Elder Stucki
Tuesday Afternoon farewell BBQ and Devotional

 The sisters are cookin' & the elders are playin' 
as President Egbert's mom would say:
 "A man may work from sun to sun- but a woman's work is NEVER done!"

Goodbyes are not forever.

Good byes are not the end. 

They simply mean I'll miss you


Until we meet again!

Apologies as I am missing a photo with Elder Jones... 

I'm going to miss that face!!!


Official Font Cleaner.... our missionaries ROCK IT! 

Mission Mexico Pachuca finished March with #108 baptisms 
Thank you for your dedicated efforts in 
"Inviting others to come unto Christ"

 Elder Sanchez (right) who serves now in the mission office is also a huge support to the missionaries in his ward. He assisted with 5 baptisms on the same day!

 The three companionships' from Huachinago each had a baptism on the same day!


Josafat is seriously un campeon!!! He is a miracle. He is going to be a missionary, a bishop, a stake president... who knows? But he is awesome. He was baptized, confirmed, and received the Aaronic Priesthood all within 2 days and it is just so amazing. I feel so privileged to have been able to witness his story unfold. It inspires me to find the "chosen" who really are ready for this Gospel in their lives.
Hermana S

dear president Egbert
last week we had 8 investigators in the church.
we had working for carry all investigators to the church last Sunday.
also we had put baptismal date for theirs baptisms.
and I follow reading the book of Mormon but also in Spanish for understand better.
I am very happy for help of member of this ward.
they have helped much in this work to teach to the recent convert.
Elder H

Wednesday District Meeting in Zumpango for Hermana Egbert 
President Egbert spent the entire day in Special Interviews in the office...

Thursday Special Transfers... 
 We are so grateful for missionaries who after two days repacked their suitcases and came to the office for special transfers. Unfortunately President had disciplinary counsels for 4 missionaries who made some grave choices and were sent home Thursday Night and Friday Morning. We pray for their return to the mission to finish their service here if that opportunity is desired. We love all four of them and are heartbroken because of the events that transpired. 

New Faces of Change:

APRIL 2015

 Oh.... Now I'm worried!

We are actually excited about this "generation" and what they have to offer!

Picture Gallery

P Day Lunch .... 

 Not rain, nor sleet, nor mud will slow us down in moving the work forward!

 Sister Schaumkel goes above and beyond! 

 Pachuca Centro Zone supporting the "Youth Conference" weekend.

"Welcome Home Elder"

 Elder Esteves returns home to California...

Elder Barrios went to the temple and found Elder Vasquez. What a wonderful reunion.

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