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26 April 2015- "The Savior has shown the way."

Mision Mexico Pachuca

"The restored gospel enables you to become like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The Savior has shown the way. He has set the perfect example and He commands us to become as He is. Learn of Him and seek to incorporate His attributes into your life. Through the power of His Atonement,  you can achieve this goal and lead others to achieve it also."
-PMG Pg 115

Rain won't slow us down!

"Invite other to some unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end."

 "This is Jose. He is a 20 year old who loves the Gospel... He was super nervous for his baptism, so we made him signs for his favorite saying... NO PASA NADA!!!
There is also a picture of his mom who we are also teaching... She was able to come to the baptism and really loved it.  She said that she could tell that we love her son and she felt completely different in the church..." 

Querido Presidente,
Wow, todavía no puedo creer que ya pasó la semana. Fue, la verdad, una de las mejores semanas de mi misión. Entrando en la semana, yo sabía que teníamos la posibilidad de tener a muchas personas en la casa de oración. Yo estaba orando fervientemente toda la semana, y poniendo de mi parte también, y vimos milagros el Domingo. Al empezar los servicios, solo tuvimos tres personas en la capilla, lo cual me desanimó bien poquito. Pero al empezar los anuncios, otros 4 entraron, y durante el primer himno, los otros 5. No pude contener mi felicidad durante los servicios. Sentí que Dios realmente contesta oraciones en una forma muy personal. Al pensar en la asistencia, nos dimos cuenta de que más que la cuarta parte de la asistencia el domingo fueron investigadores. Fue muy muy genial eso, y estuve muy muy feliz....Estamos muy animados por nuestros bautismos planeados en esta semana, y estamos haciendo todo para que se hagan bien. Todos en la rama también está bien animados.
Gracias por todo presidente.

Elder F

"This is Mariana. She was just baptized by her husband, Jeffery. She was super excited about her baptism as well as beginning a new journey with her husband. They are also expecting a little one in June so they are excited that they will begin this journey with their family and in one year can be sealed together."

Tuesday 21 April 2015
Pachuca Mex Zone Interviews and House Checks

Seriously President, It was my companions fault!

 Headed back to their area...

 President mentioned he had an excellent interview with Hermana Beltran.
 I think she was prepared and in the right mind set- love our sisters!

 "Hermana Egbert full of good stories!"


House Checks starting with the Zone Leaders of Pachuca Mex
Elder Park and Elder Castano
Nice job Elders!






I apologize I thought I took more pictures of their house.... but obviously I was talking too much! 


.....during the week when I was with Sister C. We found a new investigator. Was more or less 8 pm and I felt the impression to knock a door, and a girl opened the door (Alma 22 years), She was cleaning her house and we give a harvesting blessing and after we started making questions and How begin teaching. And I felt the inspiration to make a question but I was a weird question. I asked: Desde hace 3 meses cual es el pensamiento que usted ha tenido antes de poder dormir??, And she said my brother died 3 years a ago and I cant sleep because I think of him, next to this she told us how her brother died and told us about her feelings. We could know her needs and her heart. Hacer preguntas inspiradas es important to know the insvestigators and know that teach!!.....

H. Z




 Thanks Elders for the great day of Interviews! 
We Love YOU!

Wednesday Afternoon and All Day Thursday
Mission President/Spouse Training with the Area Presidency.

We salute the following 8 Mission Presidents/Spouses who will finish their three year service in July. We have made eternal friendships with many of these amazing couples. They currently preside over missions all over Mexico.
We are grateful for the warm welcome when we arrived, assistance through the two years and sweet examples of dedicated service.
Hasta Luego Friends- until we meet again.


.....Estoy muy contento con lo que ha pasado esta semana. Pudimos tener 5 personas en la capilla y todos van muy bien en su proceso como investigadores. si todo va perfecto, vamos a tener 4 bautismos el 2 de mayo!!! Estoy muy agradecido que el señor nos guió a las personas que nos necesitaban. 

Esta semana nos hemos enfocado mucho en "la pregunta" y siempre hablando del bautismo y la capilla en cada lección. Es maravillosa la diferencia que estos principios básicos hacen! Estamos encontrando mas y también vemos que personas que no estaban progresando bien ya han encontrado su visión del bautismo otra vez. Gracias por ayudarnos comprender y dominar esos principios.

La verdad, me encanta la misión. Me encanta ver los cambios que el evangelio restaurado puede hacer. Sé sin ninguna duda que las personas me necesitan. No solo un parte de mi, sino todo de lo que puedo dar.....

Gracias presidente,

-Elder E
Friday- 24 April 2015
Tecamac 1 Zone Interviews- House Checks

Companionship Love "


 Our Great Zone Leaders Elder Sims and Elder Medina...

My companion is truly the greatest "Papi" Ever! He is an amazing trainer and I love him so much! We seem to always know how to help each other. I have the best missionary as a companion in this whole mission. He is so full of love and charity and I feel like I can always rely on him. His heart is here in the work and he is dedicated. I am so grateful for such a great mission companion.

I love you a lot! Thanks for all the support!

Elder S

Clean blankets and Books of Mormon....
(simple necessities)

Wrapped up a full day of interviews with these two obedient zone leaders that we so appreciate! 
We grabbed a bite to eat and they were off to finish working in their area.





 These two Elders will have their house re-checked tomorrow (Monday)- 
Pictures will go on next weeks blog....


 These Elders House was PERFECT!


These two know how to make Hermana Egbert SMILE!
Thanks so much Elders... I needed this- thanks for feeding my addiction!
(Shhhh... don't tell President)





House Checks in different parts of the Mission this week.

These cute Sahagun Elders had an unplanned dentist appointment in Pachuca so they hid their key for me and left their house clean and in order. 
Thank you Elders.


Apan all Ready to Roll...
 with a Clean House, Emergency Funds, and the Four Required Medications.


 The beautiful view from the back of their house....

I loved spending time with these two Elders on Saturday...
We had a great time working on the house and getting things in order.
Nice job Elders! 
Thanks for your teachable attitude, enthusiasm, and hard work!


Pachuca Centro Centro Elders
Thank you for your efforts...


The Assistants house in Perfect Order.
They weren't home but I sneaked in and took a picture. 
This makes a mothers heart melt and puts a smile on my face.
 I love it!!! 
That is the TRUE test when they don't know you are coming.


Good Afternoon President!

This week passed by very fast, but thaks to God we worked very hard.
After the interview, with you, I felt and understood why we have to commit our investigadors, I was very happy for all things, that we talked about.
You gave me more motivation to keep working in this beautiful work. That day we had an appointment in Xochitlan. we contacted a new investigador named Alicia. She is good, we contacted her in the street and the firts time we taught her, was that night. It was a very special moment. We did Harvesting Blessings, and then we started to talk with her about the Gospel.
When she met Us, she said: I feel something very spacial with you since the first time I saw you.
When we spoke and taught, I felt something special in my heart, something that told me invite her to be bautised, and come to church. Wooooow when I felt that, I was full of emotion, and I did it inmediately. To my supprise she accepted both and commited and said: Yes, I know that this is true. Im going to do that I feel it now, in this moment I felt that was something special for us.
That was the best lesson of the whole week, Reina is her friend, she was there and she accepted too. That nigth we returned very happy and Grateful with our Heanvely Father, because we had two new basptismal dates, and two new investigadors. The most important part, is that our Heanvely Father prepared her heart to listen and undesrtand.
It is Wonderful to know that and feel it too, when we allow the Holy Ghost to guide our lessons and us, the results are amazing.
I know that is is through our obedience of the little and simple things, we can see big miracles in our lives. Im continuing to learn my area. sometimes is difficult, but Im going to learn. We are continuing to progress, and I feel that my cmpanion need more iniciative, to do something . that as companios we are going to put all our effort in, so we can Be Better.
My sister  is serve a mision too is aldo very motivating, Every monday we talk about our amazing Experiences. It is something very special. We are goint to have 7 months in the mission, and we have seen manymiracles.

Thank you, For the Motivation to continue in the work.
With Love
Sister L

 "I love  my companion!"

 Well we were headed to the zoo for P-Day but ended up driving around for 1 1/2 hrs and when we finally did find the location it was CLOSED! 
An Adventure Anyways...

 Making a little Pizza with some members!

 My bike has a flat tire- so I was thinking this would totally work!

 Do I dare ask what this district is up to?!

 The people of Mexico are so kind and so generous to our missionaries!

 I love it when our missionaries "problem solve"- They needed to get on the other side of this water in a timely manner for a lesson and so they found two plastic bags - jumped inside them- and got through the small river!
Great job Elder Smith and Elder Ruiz

 If we open our mouths and share our message we are always blessed for our faith in moving this work forward... it may not be immediate but we know it is worth our efforts!

Dear President Egbert,
This week has been very good, and we have been working very hard.....We have been striving to speak all Spanish outside out of the house, and I have already seen how much it has helped. In reality I fell very good with my Spanish so far. When I speak I do not have to translate in my head, nor do I need to translate to understand others. I am able to sometimes even take the lead in some lessons. I can surely testify of the gift of tongues, all I need is to extend my vocabulary, and work on past tense conjugations. This Sunday was very good, we had 14 investigators attend church, some old, some we have been working with, and some new ones as well. This week we were also able to reach a good number of lessons, and many of them were very spiritual. I have learned so much even in my very short time on the mission, and I have the Lord to thank for these experiences.

Elder H

Our district represents: Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the U.S. (double-score because we're both from PA!:)

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