Sunday, May 3, 2015

3 May 2015-

Don't worry Hrmn Egbert we will get this all to fit in the mini van!
 "Thank goodness we played lots of Tetras as kids"

The majority of our missionaries make the most of this once in a lifetimes experience of serving 18/24 months as Representatives of the Savior Jesus Christ.
So proud of all the Mision Mexico Pachuca Missionaries!

Dear President Egbert,
This week has been very good for missionary work, and we have been working very hard. This week was the first time I have had an investagator baptized, and it was a very great experience. The service was very spiritual, and the testimonies of the new converts from our ward and Panoya have very strong testimonies. Due to a lapse of time in the service to find another himno for the congragation to sing, I had the opportunity to bear my testimony off the program. I was not scared to speak, infact I had a desire to do so, and when I spoke the gift of toungs was manifest. I was able to speak clearly, and with power, even more than I have done in english. I am so thankful that the Lord has loosed my toung this week, and has given me utterance. I have been able to teach clearly the message of the restoration, plan of salvation, and gospel of Jesus Christ. I have also been able to understand, and discern the needs of the investigators. I do not fear no open my mouth, for I know it will be filled. This has been the most successful week of the mission so far, and I have grown much in my confidence here. We had divisions with the zone leaders and with the ______ Elders, both times I stayed in my area, and was able to find the people we needed to teach. With Elder ______, we were able to have nine lessons in one day, and we have less than a year of experience combined. I am really starting to feel like I can do this. I know through my work here, my family will be blessed, and I am so thankful for this opportunity to be an example to them.

Elder H

REASONS to Celebrate

 The Molango Branch had a record number of baptisms. They baptized 6 new converts in one day. It was a special day. Everyone dressed in white to celebrate including the Branch President, his counselor and the two Elders.


Hola Presidente!
¡Esta semana fue fantástica! Trabajamos bien duro por toda la semana y logramos 46 lecciones, y la mayoría de ellas fueron bien padres. No sé exactamente que cambió, pero todo está mucho mejor ahora. Encontramos 14 nuevos investigadores, 7 de ellos por iniciativa propia, entonces tenemos días muy llenos de citas esta semana y un proyecto de servicio el Viernes. Hemos sido mucho mejor con la pregunta, más constantes con nuestros 10 contactos, y estamos mejorando con las preguntas inspiradas.
Elder todavía es un campeón; con muchas de nuestras lecciones esta semana, él tomó la iniciativa al enseñar la lección, y estamos compartiendo el tiempo con porciones breves mucho mejor ahora. Él todavía está conociendo el area, y cuando le sigo, se pierde a veces, pero poco a poco estamos mejorando.
Ya tenemos muchísimos investigadores en el area de las hermanas, y estamos en su parte mucho más que la otra ahora. Sólo hemos tocado un buen de puertas, y las personas allí son muy receptivas a nosotros y nuestro mensaje. Todavía no tenemos investigadores que han asistido a la iglesia, pero creo que si podemos hablar del bautismo y la asistencia a la iglesia en cada lección, van a asistir con nosotros. Tenemos algunos que nos han dicho que quieren ir, pero por algunas razones no han podido. De hecho, tenemos una pregunta acerca de una de nuestros investigadores, y si no le encontramos a usted hoy en las oficinas, vamos a llamarle algún día esta semana; sólo para que sepa. Vamos a seguir trabajando duro esta semana y esperar algunos milagros. Pero por mientras, vamos a hacer los milagros. Gracias por todo que hace, Presidente.
Iré y haré,
Elder G

Monday House Checks 
from various parts of the mission

 These two Elders don't get any cuter and are gaining ground on their house... much improved!
Thank you for your efforts... see you Monday.


 This house is such an improvement...
Thank you sisters for taking such good care of your new home.


 What can you say when two Elders have their house at a PERFECTION level?
Wowzer!!!! Impressed - thank you for your example and efforts.

Arrived to find soup cooking for lunch-  smelled delicious!


Tecamac II Interviews/House Checks
28 April 2015

 Yep, It's official! I have lost my mind!!!
Where did I leave off on my list of missionaries to pick up?

 Hermana Nunez is our Elder Felsted! No one can make funny faces quite like them...

House Checks in the rest of Tecamac II

 I appreciate Elder Galo and Elder Avalos taking pictures of their house and sending them to me. I was stuck in traffic and couldn't get to there house- and so they jumped in a taxi and headed to interviews so we didn't put President behind. So nice to know that things were in order and all ready for inspection. 
I had the pictures within the hour. 


Not a paper out of place... and the flood waters have subsided!


Teotihuacan # 2

This house is a great improvement from the last one. 
Now- if we could get water to come out of the pipes with a little pressure and hot water to continue it would almost be like the Marriott! 


 The Elders live in a little bottom apartment behind this door. It is such a unique little house with a pet parrott and a washing machine! SCORE!

These sisters have it figured out!


Mom Egbert is Happy after leaving this house!

This is the best this house has looked in a long time. And this house is a difficult one to keep clean... small and dated. Though this house is not in their area now- they continue to travel to their area. We need to move them if we can find a good option in their new area assignment.
Great job Elders!

These two sisters are happy together and excited about a fan and new table cloth!
Thanks Hermanas!


This is one of my favorite houses because it's so different. 
One open room and a bathroom. It really does have a lot of character....
Grateful for their efforts in keeping things "Top Notch"-


We appreciate our Zone Leaders who take the initiative and Lead by Example.
House in great order! 
FYI- A kitchen like this is very unusual for our missionaries.


....Desarrollé mi testimonio de siempre pedir referencias! Creo que fue miércoles y no tuvimos citas fijas. Empezamos a buscar un menos activa pero sentí la impresión a tocar una puerta y ella nos recibió sin hesitación. Ella acepto una fecha y dijo que iba a asistir a la iglesia. Preguntamos quien mas conocía y nos dijo una referencia de una de sus vecinos. Tocamos a la puerta y nos recibió. Otra vez, aceptó una fecha y dijo que iba a asistir a la iglesia, y nos dio una referencia de una de sus familiares. Y continuamos, casi todo el día, solamente contactando referencias que hemos recibido de ese día! Sè que la promesa en Predicad mi Evangelio que dice vamos a tener muchas personas para enseñar es la verdad!.....
Hermana. L

Wednesday- District Meeting in Iximquilpan and House Checks 


Tulancingo Zone Interviews and House Checks
30 April 2015
In this zone we have found it quite effective to travel from house to house and check their houses and interview them there. We still met a few at the church for interviews for those right in Tulancingo. It saves a lot of travel time for them as 15 minute interviews go fast. 
So proud of this zone as there was NOT one house I need to recheck.

"Don't choke on that Lifesaver Hermana Egbert!"

 What a fun idea! 
This area is newer and so each companionship that has served here has left a photo of themselves! 









Elder Smith and Elder Ruiz nice job!!!

Picture Gallery for the Week

 Getting our SERVICE ON! 
Elder Gomez (Office Secretary serving with his wife) showed us how to 'get after it'. We helped a less active sister remove garbage from her yard.

Elder Carlson is a "champ" as no matter where he lives he always borrows the weed eater and keeps his yard in perfect order.
So "Dad Carlson when he gets home he only needs a weed eater, shovel and broom. No need to purchase a rake or lawn mower!"

Oh- we are going to miss that Hermana Palacios!!!

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