Sunday, November 8, 2015

8 November 2015 - A Month of Gratitude

It's That Time of Year...

Holiday Packages  

Mexico Pachuca Mission
Elder/Hermana ________________
Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo Km 4.5
Col. Villas de Pachuca
C.P. 42083
Pachuca, Hidalgo Mexico

If from the U.S. please send through the United States Postal Service no later than November 10th if possible.
If I may be so bold: Please consider something little for their companion in case they don't get anything from home and always list the value under $49 US dollars on the customs form.  Also please put pictures of Christ on the boxes and if it is specifically for Christmas place holiday stickers or write as such and we will hold onto the box until our Christmas devotionals the middle of December. (Less chance of peeking/opening early! )
All houses have mini Christmas Trees and a strand of light for decoration.


Resultado de imagen para quotes about gratitude and appreciation

This week was awesome! I got my new companion/ New Trainer. ELDER RUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Elder Roooooeeeece! He is a champ. But this week I have really seen the phrase, "The Lord has prepared the people for me in Mexico." Since Elder Ruiz is new to the area, I have had to show him around everywhere which is super fun. But this week we found a few people, all with the same story, which is amazing. They all talked with missionaries a few months ago, but lost contact. Now to try to find happiness these past two weeks they have all been praying to find it. Its crazy how they all have been doing this. One of them, Rosa, said this past week she was actually praying for the missionaries to visit her. They are all awesome, and so touched by our message. They all accepted a baptism date too! So we have a lot of work to do, but it is awesome how the Lord prepares people for us. Also this week the girls in this Familia  (H R) were baptized and I got to be apart of it. I'm loving every second and always working hard. 


Hola presidente:
Han pasado cosas muy interesantes aquí, le cuento una de ellas… El jueves estábamos practicando acerca de lo que íbamos a hacer con las lecciones ese día, poco a poco el cuarto de estudios se inundó del espíritu, y cuando eso pasó, le cedí el tiempo a mi compañero para hablar, y él empezó a hablar español de una manera precisa y exacta, las palabras y oraciones que usó, fueron excepcionales, no cabe duda que el don de lenguas proviene del espíritu santo, eso es un testimonio que tengo ahora.

Hoy al estudiar acerca de la fe, busqué patrones como usted nos ha enseñado, y comprendí que la fe es el primer principio del evangelio y que por medio de ese primer principio nosotros podremos lograr la exaltación y la vida eterna, porque ese es el propósito de la fe en Jesucristo.

Amo estar aquí presidente y saber que Dios va a confiar a sus hijos a nosotros, si hacemos lo que nos ha mandado.
Hasta la próxima semana. ELDER G


" Hermana Egbert I wanted to send you this picture because I thought it was hilarious. It says on the white board: Bienvenidos a la distrona de Tulanchinches (Welcome to the district/zone of Tulan-bed bugs). And below a little smaller, it says: una vez que entras, ya no sales 
(once you come in, you never leave). The Elderes were so funny.'
These missionaries have been good natured about the bed bug issues we are experiencing in this zone.... We will win this war!

Hola Presidente,

I want to tell you of a specific prayer. If you remember, my first day here, I lost my backpack in the back of a taxi. I was devastated, but I knew the Lord would provide, so I didn't worry too much. The only thing I would really miss would be the photos of my family. So, just before going to bed, I said a specific prayer that at exactly 9:45, just before the start of the meeting, I would have someone who works in the mission home come and talk to me. He would show me my photos of my family and say that the taxi driver had brought back my backpack. Then I went to bed. The next day, when I arrived for the transfer meeting, I placed myself right front and center of the chapel where anyone could have seen me. Exactly at 9:45 on my watch, The miracle took place, and now I have my stuff back. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, especially when we pray specifically. 
That was the beginning of my mission. So it started off really good. I have been having a blast here in X. It is a lot of work, a lot of biking, and I feel like my legs are going to fall off, but I have enjoyed it. 
Elder ____ is an awesome trainer. He is very humble, explains everything out with clarity, and has an awesome love for the people. I have learned a lot from him, and still have a lot to learn. My Spanish is progressing; I think at least for me, I know what I want to say, I am just scared to say the wrong thing, so I speak very little, but I am starting to be more bold. I am understanding the structure of speaking better and I am able to speak my mind better, so it is good. It is still hard to understand what they are saying when they are talking to me, but when I concentrate really hard and have a prayer in my heart that I will understand, I do. Give it time, I will be fluent (I hope).
This week we have been preparing one investigator for baptism, and have been trying to contact and find others for baptism. Saturday, we had a new investigator that was very receptive to our first lesson,the restoration. At the end, she said yes to baptism! It was one of the best feelings I have had in my life! DyC 18 (I think) comes to mind, "And if you bring but one soul unto me, how great will be your joy if you bring many souls unto me."
I may not know everything right now, but I am learning, and I have a gran Entrenador, so I know I will learn fast. This has been my week, and I hope for another awesome one just like it.

Elder C

Wednesday District Meeting in Apan

Practices included door approaches and asking inspired questions...

 Great District Meeting... so happy I came this direction.
and (below) one photo with Mom Egbert out of the way!!!


District Meeting in Tulancingo
President and Elder Hernandez (new mission counselor) made it just as they were finishing the meeting. He handed out homemade treats and got a few signatures on some paper work.
Good job President- thank you for taking pictures for the blog!


District Meeting in Huachinango with Elder Jensen at the wheel!
President spent most of his time in this meeting.
We sure love our missionaries serving in the Tulancingo Zone!

"You never know who you will find on the street working!"
And what do you know... treats in Hermana Egbert's mini van to boot...

Being a medical/oncology nurse back in Utah I wore this ribbon the month of October in honor of my friends who help others fight the battle of cancer, and those who have fought the fight, those fighting the fight, and those yet to fight the fight. Thinking of all our missionaries who have lost family, or currently have family fighting this battle. Sending our love and prayers your way..... 

Hola Presidente,

The work here is so great. We have so many investigators and people that half the time I don't know who they are. That is hard and also which road is which and where we are is hard too. My trainer is so great. He helps me all the time in everything. I am helping him learn English and he is helping me with Spanish. The Spanish is really coming and during lessons I know I have the gift of tongues because I am able to say what I want to say. I also think that the people are really starting to understand me as well. Which is a confidence boost. Still learning Spanish, trying to learn as much as I can in one day. With the work, we taught 40 lessons this past week. Also we have two baptisms this Saturday and two or three in the coming weeks. I also enjoy having the bike it helps a lot. The people here are great especially the members. Yesterday I was able to bare my testimony in Spanish and I think it went well. But the ward has really welcomed me into their ward. I feel the spirit every minute of every day. It is so special to me to have the spirit with me always. Thank you for everything you do and your love and support that you have shown me. Me and my companion are going to continue to work hard this coming week. I will let you know how this week goes. 

Thanks for everything, Elder A

Saturday called for special changes
 because of an Elders medical needs that need to be addressed...

So in Apan this is what it looked like....
 and then it looked like this! Elder Torres and Elder Cruz now together.
In Tecamac 2 the Zone Leaders were this....
 and now it is this! Elder Perez and Elder Marquez.

Hola Presidente
tengo mucho que escribir...espero que esta listo para ir algunos minutos extra en su bicicleta estacionario, hahaha no se crea.
Me da mucho alegria porque estoy aqui en X y ademas estoy en la zona que tuve cuando estaba empezando mi jornada de la conversion. Tengo buenos misioneros en el distrito y buenos miembros. Fije que la semana pasada pradera tuvo 2 nuevos investigadores y que no se acuerdan cuando lograron 40 lecciones, y me asombre mas cuando solo tuvieron 3 bautismos en todo el año. Mirando todo eso me hace sentir que tengo mucho trabajo que hacer...eso me anima un buen! Me gusta ir contra los odds.
Mi compañero esta bien, me fije que no le gusta contactar. Asi que puse una meta de lograr 15 contactos diarios para que tengo la mentalidad de que me falta encontrar mas personas. Me preocupa que no hay muchos investigadores entonces vamos a usar todos los fuentes que tenemos especialmente la fe. Se que las oraciones sinceras y los ayunos fervientes cambia la actitud del misionero, lo cual cambia el area.
Acerca del servicio, bueno algunos recien conversos no lean el libro de mormon por sus que haceres, asi que nosotros pedimos que leyera en voz alta un capitulo y mientras nosotros lavamos trastes, doblamos ropa, limpiamos las ventanas y nos detenemos cuando ya terminan de leer, Preguntamos que nos comparten lo que aprendieron y lo aplicamos a un principio del evangelio.
A cuanto a lo chistoso, bueno fue Halloween y Dia de los Muertos entonces no estaba nadie en su casa, pero si estaban en la calle! :) Estaba un niño de 12 años mas o menos espantando a algunos perros y en todo el espiritu festival levante mis brazos y gruñe, el niño y su hermana se austo, pero la abuela empezaba reir muchisimo. Les felicitamos un dia de halloween y los contactamos. Igual con los disfraces que habia por este fin de semana muchisimas familias estaban afuera y aprovechamos para contactar y hablar de las familias eternas. Hubo algunos que querian y algunos que no pero lo chistoso es que varios querian sacar fotos porque pensaban que estabamos disfrazados, preguntaron si podian sacar una foto con nosotros y nosotros pusimos un acuerdo. SI sacaban fotos o una pregunta, que nos presentamos y hablamos acerca de lo que hace un misionero mormon. Fue muy divertido :) Bueno, espero que pasaron un gran dia de los muertos y probaron el famoso pan de muertos. Te amo, gracias.
-Elder G

There's always time for a little diversion....
Lovin' us some Mezquital Hoodlums!

So fun to see everyone enjoy the Halloween holiday and include our missionaries in sharing the excitement of the holiday. 
Hermana Gonzalez found some "future missionaries"... 

 Is that you Hrmn Hoopes and Hrmn Guzman?


"A tradition is they make you take a bite but then by total
surprise they smash your face in the cake hahahaha!"


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