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29 November 2015- Gratitude

 .......esta semana fue muy buena tuvimos un bautismo y estamos ayudando a familias muy buenas a progresar solamente que esta semana si fue un poco difícil encontrar a nuevas personas para enseñar pero nos hemos puesto como meta mi compañero y yo buscar asta debajo de las piedra a esas personas escogidas y pues estoy muy contento y muy feliz solamente es el poder esforzarnos aun mas y quiero contarle una experiencia bien rápido esta semana en una de nuestras lecciones mi compañero empezamos a enseñar y pues acordamos que el tendría el control de la lección aun es muy tímido y muy callado pero al poder estar escuchándolo y poder orar por el en lo que el estaba enseñando recordé que usted en una de sus cartas nos envió una experiencia similar a la mía al estar orando por mi compañero durante la lección pude darme cuenta que su español es muchísimo mejor toda la lección la dio el yo hice algunas intervenciones para dar testimonio de sus palabras pero fue un momento sumamente especial ya que pude darme cuenta que esta obra es completamente de nuestro padre y pude ver eso en el español de mi compañero que a pesar de su seriedad su timidez el pudo compartir la lección solo con un español súper fluido y entendible y me uno al testimonio de que se que el don de lenguas es una bendición se que si nos esforzamos por tener el espíritu con nosotros este obra milagros en muestras vidas.
le amo presidente y espero tenga una buena semana Elder J

After 9 years of attending church... Finally baptized! 
What a day!!!

Emptying the font bucket by bucket.... seriously they need to fix the pump!

 "J____ is someone has gone through a lot through her life. Her mom died when she barely was 8 years old, and her dad went into a deep depression and basically just left her to fend for herself, solely giving her money when she needed it. She has lived in many different homes of relatives until recently she had problems with her sister of whom she was living with at the time. The bishops family took her in as one of their own as the also have kids her age. She had come to church twice before we starting teaching her. She was someone that we know as Golden Investigators. She was diligent in her reading and always took our invitations to act seriously. In the very beginning she had good experiences with prayer and received her answer really early in General conference that there is a prophet called of God on the earth again and thus also received a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, called to restore his church. She enjoyed this change of heart so much that she invited her sister over to listen to us as her birthday present (it was the birthday of her sister). Although her sister did not continue coming to our visits, we could see the true love of the gospel that J_____ has. This is why I came on the mission, to see these kinds of changes!" 

......tambien durante esta semana pude sentir que realmente mis estudios fueon eficaces, he estado compendiendo puntos de la doctrina que antes no podia comprender y se va ampliando mas mi entendimiento y conocimiento del evangelio. he encontrado mayorinspiracion para ayudar a los investigadores al momento de estar con ellos durante el como comenzar a enseñar, he aprendido a escucharles y a entender por lo que estan aptravezando y de que manera podemos ayudarles, he sentido que por medio de las preguntas inspiradas a los nuevos investigadores, hemos encontrado maneras concretas de aplicar el evangelio a sus vidas y eso abre las puertas para que puedan hacer un esfuerzo por acercarse al Salvador y ver de sus estoy esforzando por cumplir con mi proposito como misionero, y quiero literalmente; Perderme en la obra.
Amo el evangelio y amo esta oportunidad para transmitirlo con los hijos de Dios.
le amo Presidente.... Elder P

The Missionaries busy doing what they do....

Thursday night after a special Interview with President for their investigator in Mixi...

 Ward Activity in Tulancingo Tulancingo Barrio- "The trip to Hawaii where the plane crashes and everyone dies. Our room was the topic of the 'resurrection' ". 

Oh divisions.... always a good time! 

 Serving students at a local University. Our missionaries acted like "Tourists" while the students practiced giving tours in "English".

 Renewing VISA's..... Has it seriously been a YEAR?!

.....Otra semana maravillosa acaba de pasar. Hemos sido bien ocupadas, y bien felices con todo el trabajo que el Señor nos ha dado. Yo he sentido tanto el Espíritu del Señor guiándonos en los caminos que debemos tomar. Un ejemplo pasó el viernes. Nuestra cita cayó, nuestro plan de respaldo cayó, y nuestro plan de respaldo de respaldo cayó. En el acto de poner una cita para regresar con el último plan de respaldo, Hermana G contactó una señora que iba arriba a su apartamento. La señora nos invitó a su hogar, y tuvimos una conversación muy bonita.....
Hermana H

 Those little things you take for granted like an "electric mixer"...


This week was really good! Lucero and Luz Adriana came to church again, and they are getting excited about the church. They told us that already they can see changes in their lives from having the gospel. For example, they talk more to each other and feel closer. I'm so excited about them!!!!

I learned a lot from the zone conference, especially about better ways to contact. We have been implementing that more as we contact by giving brief summaries of the Restoration. I also really appreciated Hermana Egbert's talk about Peter walking on water (Lord, Save Me).  I felt the Spirit very strongly and felt the application to myself.

Spanish is going pretty well. I don't feel lost in the conversations anymore, and usually I can understand the overall meaning of casual conversations. I've been studying food vocabulary words, which I had never really thought about, but everyone is constantly talking about food! How to prepare it, what they like better, the way their Mom makes it... food is a very prevalent topic. It's funny. :)

This week we've been trying to give more charla francas so we can only teach those who are really willing to change. Sometimes it's really hard, especially if they seem like they really could progress, but their old traditions, or their family, is holding them back. It just breaks my heart to think they won't get baptized and we won't visit them anymore. I guess that's how God feels when we break the commandments or don't strive for what's right. It makes me super sad. Then I think about Lucero and Luz to make myself happy, because they are ready, they are progressing, and they are the kind of strong people who will keep their baptismal covenants. They are awesome!

Thanks for everything!
Sincerely,    Hermana M

Sunday 29 November 2015
Tecamac Stake Conference- A new Stake President was called


Monday started off with Hermana Egbert checking on missionaries while President did special interviews in the office...

And then we were invited to attend a District Activity in Pachuca Centro at 2:00 pm and were SURPRISED with an early Christmas Lunch with these wonderful missionaries. What a treat to sit back, talk and be served a meal prepared especially for us... what a gift of love. Notice the handmade place mats with everyone's name on them! So much work and preparation. Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt efforts- touched our hearts.

 The wonderful hosts were Elder Avalos, Elder Garcia (District Leader) and this young man from their ward Israel Juarez Avalos who is headed to the mission field soon. 

 on the other side of the mission in Tezontepec they were having their zone activity. (Missing a couple of companionship's)

 Seriously- look at that level of concentration!

With special permission from President they went close next door from the church to a members house for lunch... Our members are so giving to our missionaries.

and then in Tulancingo


Thursday 26 November 2015
Quarterly "Newer/Possible" District Leader Training 
Great Group, Great Spirit, Great Food and Exceptional Teaching...
"The Best Capacitation yet"...

 Elder and Hermana Hernandez: The new counselor and Executive Secretary to President."Worth their weight in GOLD"

We have many missionaries comment that when working with these two assistants it is obvious why they are the "assistants". These two give 150% effort every second of every day. Diligent, trustworthy, dedicated, obedient and determined! 
We sure love, appreciate and have the utmost respect for them!

......Wow este semana ha sido un buen de trabajo pero vale la pena completamente. Después de casi 8 años yendo a la capilla, Ivan Cruz por fin se bautizo. El se casó sábado en la mañana y se bautizo domingo antes de los servicios. Cuando yo le conocí el no era un hombre muy espiritual, pero cuando el empezó a llorar después de su bautismo yo sabia que El señor le tocó su corazón y le ayudó a saber que esta en el camino correcto. He sentido el espíritu tan fuerte durante estos días y he podido sentir el amor de Dios en cada momento. Yo sé que estoy progresando y, como Ivan, en el camino correcto.....
Elder N

A few special changes on Friday
It was this trio....
and then it was this at 0800... In Palmar-

 and then it was this at 0830...
and then this at 0900... in Pachuca Centro Centro

 and then it was meeting like this at 10:30 in Guerrero
 to say good bye to this great companionship...
and hello to this new companionship in Guerrero 2.

and then it was changes in Xicotepec at 1:30 pm
but we didn't get that picture... oops.. 
Not pictured the new companionship in Xicotepec
Elder Jensen/ Elder Verdin

and then back where we started at 4:15  pm in Palmar
with a trio again!
Thank you to all the Elders who were troopers today in special changes for the benefit of ONE ...

.....También estamos trabajando con Gustavo; su historia es un milagro. Estábamos buscando en a lista de membresía a los miembros que no conocemos y vimos a Gustavo Serna. Lo pusimos en el plan y lo buscamos pero no lo encontramos. Entonces, en la noche el líder misional nos estaba acompañando. Las citas cayeron e hicimos una oración en la calle para ser dirigidos a donde fuimos necesitados en ese momento. Al abrir los ojos, un borracho se nos acercó y dijo al hermano líder misional, "Ay, recuerdas quién soy?" Pensó por un minuto y después le contestó, "Gustavo Serna?!" El hermano Gustavo se bautizó hace como 15 años y se desvió de la camino. Quiere cambiar y ¡lo ha hecho! Desde esa noche, ha ido a la capilla 2 domingos seguidos y encontró trabajo. Llega a la capilla sólo bien limpiecito y se queda por todo. Lee el Libro de Mormón y no ha tomado nada. De verdad es un milagro.
Estoy tan agradecida por los milagros del Señor y el poder de la Expiación. Lo experimento cada día de la misión.
Le amo mucho!
Hna. S

Photo Gallery
 "Do you see him?"

When you get a text with a Thanksgiving Greeting and Picture it just makes your day!
Missing our returned missionaries....they will ALWAYS be our KIDS!

Elder Ford (2nd from right) with his family and has the blessing others with singing in the Men's BYU Choir. AWESOME!

 Elder Hixon and Elder Felsted catching up with each other in Utah over Thanksgiving
Sent us this picture and text which made our day!

Hermana Sophia Guerrero in Idaho with family friends for Thanksgiving and went out looking for a Christmas Tree... This California girl is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

This sweet Sister Mallory Peterson sent us a text saying "hi" which touched our hearts and we are so happy about her upcoming wedding this next month! 
Going to be such a beautiful bride! Sending our love....

Resultado de imagen para quotes about families
Our children are so great at keeping us updated on the little grandchildren at home with sweet random pictures...that make us feel like they are just down the street.
We are so proud of our family!

This was a text we got on Friday from our two daughters in St. George, Utah who thought they would brave the shopping-
but all three grandchildren were crying by the time they hit inside Old Navy.... needless to say the shopping outing was short lived!
"When is Grandma coming home to babysit?!"

And Tahlia our youngest daughter in graduate PA school in Florida sent us a picture of her (middle) and two of her beehives in the ward after teaching them to make "monkey bread". She gives 110% in all she does.... 
Good Luck with Finals Tahlia Mae we love you!

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