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10 April 2016 - End of the Cycle

 "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Have you read your copy lately?"

 As you know in this mission the Elders are allowed to baptize one time during their mission service. This allows members of the wards to be more actively involved in the fellow-shipping process of investigators and helps in that transition of ward friends with a sincere interest in their progression.
This beautiful family (Flores) asked President recently if he had baptized anyone during his mission service here in Pachuca. He had not, so they invited him to be apart of this special day. Special thanks to the zone leaders for their efforts and to the referring family who gave the missionaries this family's name. 
References are a missionaries dream- So I ask all of you-
"Who do you know that could benefit from the special message they have to share?"

 This family is an example of sacrifice- their personal story is one I will never forget. It motivates me to give more effort and sacrifice whatever it takes for those things that are true and correct. President told them he would return to Mexico City in a year to attend their sealing in the temple. I marked it in the Calendar!

 Amado and Gregorio (two brothers that take care of their terminally ill father and so take turns attending church on Sundays- this has been extra sweet as it has taken a bit longer for all the baptismal requirements to be met.) Great job Elders... you have been very busy!

 Sisters Pamela and Ana Karen were baptized this weekend.
Elder Martin and Elder Ruiz are on FIRE!


This picture below is of Elder Alder and his sister in 2012 when they were baptized into the church. Now just over 3 years later Elder Alder is serving as a missionary in Mision Mexico Pachuca.  
We have many, many missionaries that are recent converts and many that are the only members in their families. 
Each story unique and special.

This picture below is of Elder Meschini in 2010 when he was baptized into the church. He was introduced to the church by a friend.
 Now just a few short years later he is serving as a missionary in Mision Mexico Pachuca. The last 4 cycles he has been assigned as one of Presidents assistants. What an incredibly humble and soft spoken young man. He has only one more cycle and will train our only incoming Elder that arrives tomorrow. (7 sisters arrive as well)
He is the only member of his family and is from Argentina.
We count him as one of the great blessings in our lives.

( Yep that is Elder Meschini - 2nd from the left on his baptism day! And his friend is who baptized him on this special day.  Hope he doesn't kill me for putting this on the blog!
 I got this picture from one of the missionaries pictured- Elder Cory Brown)

Hola Presidente,

Fue una semana excelente. 6 en la capilla con fecha! Conferencia General! y un compañero que esta animado! Que mas puedo pedir. El señor me esta dando mas bendiciones que merezco. Las estoy disfrutando tanto. Voy a hacer todo en mi alcance a ser un merecedor de todo esto.

Tenemos 2 bautismos seguros para este fin de semana. Elder _______ esta bien animado a terminar con estos logros. No puedo creer que ya pasó otro ciclo. Es interesante que aun con mi compañero dificil he aprendido mucho y siento mas humilde que nunca. Que bendicion ha sido este tiempo que hemos gastado juntos. 

Seguimos animados a seguir. Con muchas bendiciones, investigadores, y posible exito, hay mucha responsabilidad. Planeo dar mi mejor esfuerzo para que cada uno de los investigadores que tenemos pueda convertirse en un grandes siervos del señor. 

Estos esfuerzos valen la pena. Un converso de mi primer area sale en la mision este mes. Nunca pensé que pude hacer tanto en la vida de los demas. 

Me siento gozoso y contento y sobre todo bendecido.

-Elder E
Monday P-Days 
- Preparation for the week
- Blanket exchanges
- And just having a little fun in the house
- Taking in the beautiful scenery of their areas

OH MY!!!! 
This totally made my day!

Headed back to Sahagun after a successful trip into Pachuca to purchase a new suit.
Busy about the Work...

 Elder Gamez (dead) leaves as one of the 15 returning home missionaries Monday (tomorrow)

6-7 April 2016
Special Missionary Training
2 hrs long- Mission split into 4 groups
Instruction by President Egbert/ Elder Meschini-Elder Hayes
Theme: Obedience with Exactness
Effective Planning
Finding People to Teach

Wednesday 0900-1100
Pachuca Sur Zone
Pachuca Mex Zone
Pachuca Centro Zone

Wednesday 12:30-2:30 in Bosques
Tecamac I Zone
Tecamac II Zone

Thursday 0900 in Tepa
Tezontepec Zone
Valle Del Mezquital Zone

Thursday 1:00-3:00 pm
Tulancingo Zone


.....el pensamiento de que esa fue la última entrevista con usted me hace un poco triste. Me voy a estar esforzando muchísimo por mantener el estándar que usted ha puesto aquí en la misión; al escuchar de mis amigos y sus misiones, sé que esta realmente es la mejor misión en el mundo; la cultura de la Misión México Pachuca es obediencia con exactitud, y espero que se quede igual.
Elder G

Friday 8 April 2016
Interviews/House checks in Valle Del Mezquital Zone

Casa: San Agustin
Adjective: Simply Done
Hermana Louis/Hermana Mendez

Casa: Actopan I
Adjective: Pleasantly Surprised
Elder Butron/Elder Gonzales

This Actopan ward is one of the most successful areas in the Mision over the last 33 months.The members are strong and the Bishop is amazing.
It's amazing to witness how the perception of one missionary can breed a negative or positive attitude that affects everyone and the success of an area. 
One can never underestimate the power of one's influence.

Casa: Actopan II
Adjective: Missionary House with Potential
Hermana Murrufo / Hermana Ortega

Casa: Tepatepec 
Elder Groscost/Elder Urias
This house is one of the hardest houses in the mission and these two nailed it! Perfection with not a book out of place or a speck of dirt. I was so proud of their sincere efforts in being ready for interviews and house checks. Your Moms should be so proud!


Casa: Tepa I
Adjective: Appropriately Located
Elder Marquez /Elder Ferguson
Located across the street from the chapel, the sweetest member that lives across the street, and a 400 yard dash to the downtown center- makes this house a great deal!

Casa : San Juan
Adjective: Missionaries "no showed"  President for their last interviews..
Hermana Afulao/ Hermana Cevallos


Casa: Guerro I- II Wards 
Adjective: FLAWLESS
Elder Garcia /Elder Martinez

What makes me so happy is the degree of cleanliness and organization in this house. 
These two Elders had things in perfect order as you can see. 
A happy President - Mission Mom again today after visiting this casa. 
Job well done Elders. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elder Garcia-


Photo Gallery


Look who's engaged

Elder Joaquin Caballero and Beeily 
Cutest couple ever... we send our love and congratulations.

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