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3 April 2016- "Finding the lost sheep"

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Celebrating Easter with Holiday Traditions

"Finding the Lost Sheep"

This section is one of my favorites, because when missionaries work so hard going about His work- and you know seeds have been planted and lives have been changed. Though I sincerely believe, the missionaries will never know the full impact for good of their service.

"Laura" was baptized by her father who has been a member just 1.5 yrs.

 The baptism of the Hermano Juan

"This is Benjamin. He is from a less active family that we have been working with; which includes his Mom and returned missionary brother."

"This is Rene. He is a champion. He was one of those Golden investigator's that always went to church, always accepted and completed invitations, and has made BIG changes in his life" 

 "el bautismo de menanzit"

 "Pedro" was baptized and is such a great young man. This ward hasn't had a baptism since July!
Happy we were blessed to break that cycle.

 Hermana Ivonne- Such a sweet blessing in her life.

Monday English Tests 
9 Completed their Final Exams.
So proud of the efforts of the missionaries, their companions 
and district leaders each day & each week.

Monday Night Blessing
"the cast is off...."


Interviews and House Checks
Tezontepec Zone
Tuesday 29 March 2016
Casa: Ixmiquilpan I
Adjective: Nicely Done Elders...
Elder Sermeno/Elder Anderson

So proud of these two Elders and their positive obedient spirits. It is so fun to see missionaries mature and progress. The mission changes their lives if they let it! 

Casa: Ixmiquilpan II
Adjective: As good as it gets!
Elder Gomez /Elder Steadman

 Don't worry Mom, they hadn't gone grocery shopping yet. 
The fridge will have food by end of day.   I checked this house on Monday morning. 
A Clean House a Happy Mission Mom makes!

Casa: Tlahuelilpan
Adjective: Comfortable Casa
Hermana Lopez/ Hermana Bunnell

So proud of these two sisters that were moved mid training to another area to open and continue with training. Never a complaint - only said "OK" and continued to work hard and move the work forward!

Casa: Progreso
Adjective: Easy Peezy!
Hermana Perez/ Hermana Haddock

Casa: Presas
Adjective: Ready to Rock -n- Roll
Elder Garcia /Elder Alder

 "So stinkin cute!"
Casa: Tezontepec Hermanas
Adjective: Yellow on Steroids!
Hermana Pineda/Hermana Maxwell

Special thanks to Elder Bigler for getting screens put on the windows of this house to help keep the flies out... made a HUGE difference.

 Thanks for your help Elders. They carried the dirty blankets out and the clean blankets in!

Casa: Panuaya
Adjective: Million Dollar $ View
Elder Torres/ Elder Bigler

 This house is just teeny tiny- but kept so clean and organized! Perfect house for missionaries.

 Nothing sweeter than mail delivery! Thanks Family!

Casa: Mixi 2 - Hermana's
Adjective: Immaculate Retreat 
Hermana Davis/ Hermana Rojas

 Tender Mercies: When you have those missionaries that will do anything asked,
 go anywhere assigned, and give it all they got! Yep! We are so grateful.....

Casa: Mixquiahuala I 
Adjective: "and that's how it's done!"
Elder Morales /Elder Groesbeck

Casa: Santiago I
Adjective: The Mansion
Sad to announce this is one of the five houses we are closing down in a week.
We will be losing more missionaries than gaining.
These two wards in Santiago will be covered by one companionship which at this time will be more effective. But many a sad missionary- as this is one of the favorite houses.

Elder Ku / Elder Nelson

Casa: Santiago II
Adjective: The Pink Attack
Elder Bingham / Elder Gomez

So proud of these two elders. 
Great attitudes in moving things forward in this remote area. 

Busy obedient missionaries are happy missionaries.
"Obligating the Lord" for blessings...

 When you serve the people-you learn to love them!

This was a flyer posted about security cameras and the picture showed our two Elders riding by on their bikes. "Security cameras" will catch our missionaries working hard.
They were more excited about being famous!
 The recently released Hrmn Liebano (2nd right) visiting the mission with her mother.


Pues no fue una semana muy buena para nosotros, pero todavía, veo las bendiciones en mi vida. Hemos trabajado mucho con investigador que se llama Benito. Él va a la capilla cada Domingo, lea el Libro de Mormón, y obedece la palabra de sabiduría, pero nunca aceptó una fecha. Hemos intentado muchas cosas para ayudarle a entender porque él necesita ser bautizado, pero siempre decía que él no tenía una respuesta sobre si esta es la iglesia verdadera. Hice todo en mi poder como un joven mortal para invitar el Espíritu para que aceptaría nuestra invitación a ser bautizado. Un noche tomamos la decisión de invitar un miembro a nuestra lección con Benito. Durante la lección, Este miembro empezó a compartir su historia y como él encontró la iglesia. Sentí el espíritu muy fuerte y empezamos a hacer preguntas con Benito. Él empezó a abrir y compartió con nosotros que el sintió el Espíritu. Le invitamos una vez mas y esta vez, él aceptó. Pusimos una fecha por 9 de Abril. Desde esta lección, Benito nos ha dicho muchas veces que el esta bien animado para ser bautizado. Estoy muy agradecido por los pequeños milagros que he visto en la misión y estoy muy agradecido por la ayuda de los miembros. A veces estoy tan orgulloso que creo que como representante de Jesucristo, tengo todas las respuestas y que soy suficiente inteligente para hacer esta obra sin ayuda. Tengo un testimonio mas fuerte de la necesidad de la ayuda de miembros en esta obra y de la ayuda divina que necesito del Espíritu Santo.
Elder J


Interviews and House Checks
Pachuca Mex Zone
Wednesday 30 March 2016

Casa: Morelos
Adjective: "Spic and Span"

Hermana Ruiz / Hermana Arano

Casa: Nuevo Hidalgo II
Adjective: Home Show Ready

Hermana Del Castillo / Hermana Sulub

Casa: Nuevo Hidalgo I
Adjective: "Home Sweet Home"

Hermana Silva / Hermana Lam

 Nice job Hermana's!

Casa: Palmar
Adjective: Simply Done
This house is simple- but the Elders make it homey and inviting with their organization/cleanliness efforts.
So grateful for our amazing missionaries serving in Mision Mexico Pachuca.

Elder Rosales/ Elder Hall

Casa: Santiago II
Adjective: The Grand Palace
with a view to kill for and a hike that is a thigh burner!

Elder Hazelgren / Elder Villasenor

Casa: Constitucion
Adjective: Conveniently Located
Perfectly Ready

Elder Cruz / Elder Pina

The head bosses say- "All is well here!"

Casa: Tecnologico 2
Adjective: Secret Hideway
Hermana Flores/ Hermana Castaneda

 So proud of these two for being so flexible and making the most of challenging situations and changes. Such great spirits!

 "King Paynter"....
Casa: Tecnologico I - Zone Leaders Casa
Adjective: Leading by Example

Elder Child / Elder Paynter


Back at home....

 A few of our "kids" back home getting together the night before General Conference.
It touches our hearts that our returned missionaries stay in touch and continue to support and help each other- no matter where they live in the World.

Who knows.... maybe a few more will end up married?! 

President and I love each one of you where-ever you are in the World. 
We can't wait to meet the new spouses and those raising little ones. 

 Left to Right.
Back Row: Elder Stucki, Elder Ellis, Elder Yazzie, Elder Cardwell, Elder Leon, Elder Carlson, Elder Reese, 
Middle Row: Elder Iverson, Elder Cardon, Elder Stephens, Elder Jones, Elder Fox, Elder Ferrin, Elder Pearson.
Front Row: Elder Clark, Elder Smart, Hermana Nielson, Herman Bailey, 
Hermana Daines, Hermana Guerreo, Elder Stewart, Elder Elton

One Year Ago....
First week in April 2015

Two Years Ago...
First Week of April 2014

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