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17 May 2015 - " Changes"

Demolition Derby in the Church Parking Lot...

 We won or lost- how ever you want to look at it!

Tizayuca Bicycle Brigade

"The Lord will bless you as you teach the message of the Restoration to a world that desperately needs the gospel of Jesus Christ"

"Your success as a missionary is measured primarily by your commitment..."

"Preach the first principles of the Gospel- preach them over again: you will find that day after day new ideas and additional light concerning them will be revealed to you. You can enlarge upon them so as to comprehend them clearly. You will then be able to make them more plainly understood by those you teach."
- Hyrum Smith



"Angel is an angel- he came 1 hour early to his baptism to read the scriptures in the church and at 7 when we were supposed to start we realized that the zone leaders who just had their baptism stole our baptism clothes, so we were all running around looking. We called them up and they brought the clothes back. The baptism went great, we sang a special musical number. Angel is very happy to be baptized, he has been looking for God everywhere ... He was truly ready to become a member and from day one has shown great dedication to keeping his commitments. The spirit of God is with him and will continue to be with him on his road to conversion."

Picture Gallery.... and then there were changes!

 The Hermanas in our district are ruthless.... no mercy shown!

 So grateful for the investigators and members that feed us each day!

 "President- which one can we adopt for our house? This little lamb or this little puppy?"

 "I love mail from other sisters in the mission!" 

 Elder Rodas (left) returned to the mission and visited the St. Agustin Branch....

 awwww..... thank you Elder Barrios! 
Missing you in the mission! Hugs to your family....

 On our way to the church- they are giving us a ride in their truck! 
Look no rain for the moment!!!
"Mother's Day greetings from this darling district!"


-and then a few details before changes in the morning....
Two sets of Missionaries moved out of their houses so we could close them down.

These two had their house cleaned spotless and packed ready to load.... AWESOME!

These two sisters moved out of their house with everything packed and cleaned spotless for the two Elders above to move into their house... Thank  you Hermanas for all your efforts!

These two.... well???? YIKES
We got em' moved, had unscheduled bonding time and I dropped them at the zone leaders house for the night ---- I considered trading them in ... but we will keep them!


Mission Wide Transfers
- 7 Incoming Missionaries (4 Hermanas - 3 Elders) 
- 11 Hermana's completing their mission service
- 2 Houses we are closing
- 1 Elder returning early (Hurry back, we will be waiting!)

Presidents message was extra powerful and passionate. 
He had their attention with a valuable message.

 Let's get these changes rollin'

Elder Vique (President's assistant) was responsible for reading transfers and in between the changes the 11 returning home sisters shared an experience/testimony with the missionaries. It was powerful and brought the spirit to the entire meeting. President excuses himself and oversees the departure of missionaries back to their areas. 

 Look at President go! 
It's all that practice working at Southwest Airlines... baggage handling must come easier for him!

 Some times the "good-byes" with ward members are tender...

 These three along with President were the suitcase loading, taxi directing, missionary herding (which is like herding cats!) and order keeping posse! 

 Grateful for the members who take the time to bring and exchange missionaries for their wards...

 These awesome taxi drivers aren't members yet- but helping us every 6 weeks allows us more opportunity to share our message....
 We are going to miss the powerful spirits of these 11 returning hermana's.

 Obviously, these two are really sad about being companions!!!

 "President.... are you sure Elder Jensen is going to be OK training this new Elder?!"
Oh my..... look out area "Loreto" here they come!!!

 Seriously we have the BEST missionaries in the WORLD!

 Thank goodness for mini vans and taxi's!

 Brother and Sister Cano are so incredible!!!!

 This picture - come up with your own comments for each missionary's expression!!!

 Ok - so this van reminds me of childhood nightmares of being kidnapped ....
We sure appreciate all the supportive members in our mission! It saves a lot suitcase dragging through the streets and bus stations!

 After the mission transfers are finished we gather departing missionaries for a quick orientation for a "business training program" offered for native missionary's returning home.

Hermana Guerrerro/Hermana Vasquez -Sister Leader Trainer Trainers
Elder Vique- Elder Ellis- President's Assistants
Thank you in Advance for all that you will do this next cycle.... beginning NOW!


Tuesday Afternoon - Departing Missionary BBQ and Devotional

 President did most of the departing interviews this last Sunday- but still had two more Hermana's to interview. While those were taking place everyone played games and socialized.

 May 2015 Departing Missionaries
Hermana Ainakea Schaumkel (Utah), Hermana Shelby Mleynek (Arizona)
 Hermana Juliann Daines (Utah), Hermana Luciana Ramierez (Argentina)
 Hermana Alysa DeFranco (Texas), Hermana Annia Calderson (Mexico)
Hermana Oly Luna (Mexico), Hermana Carmen Sanchez (Mexico)
Hermana Magali Apolinar (Mexico), Hermana Dihanne Palacios (Guatemala)
Hermana Suemy Janette Dominguez (Mexico)

Is this week over yet?! 
It's only Tuesday and this day feels like it may never end!!!
We are being kicked out of our house while 1/2 of the departing sisters stay the night- which makes us homeless!
"Seriously, we are going to miss these good sisters that are leaving!"

 Let the picture taking start.... we are ready!!!

Empty hole in our hearts tonight after they left....
My least favorite part of the mission is saying "good bye"


Wednesday District Meeting in the Tezontepec Zone with President stopping by:

Friday new missionary orientation- after the wide eyed look has diminished a speck!

 I apologize as I was tardy to the orientation for other tasks, and missed getting pictures of the Assistants and Sister Leader Trainer Trainers teaching. 
They are all involved in this orientation.
 Nothing like watching the "Bike Safety" video... totally entertaining! 
Just need popcorn... Oh- that would be my job!!! 
My part of the orientation is safety, medical/health needs, food shopping & menu planning. My part is all of 20 minutes with President translating.
Elder Ellis took these pictures and though I'm obviously not photogenic- I got a laugh out of how many expressions Hermana Egbert has in under 5 minutes. 
I know I'm kinda of spastic.. but man!

Oriented... and good to go! 
The trainers are standing behind their new missionary.

They arrived home ....
Hermana Schaumkel made it home to Salt Lake City, Utah 
after a delayed flight and long long day!

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