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24 May 2015- "Elder Bednar's Visit"

"Missing You"

One thing is for certain ... our love for our returned missionaries continues to grow even in their absence...
This is the sweetest picture & message President and I received this weekend.. meant so much to us... Thank you. Hugs from Mexico!
Elder Felsted, Elder Katich, Elder Segura, Elder Stewart, Elder Esteves


Elder Bednar visited Mision Mexico Pachuca 
18 May 2015
There is something powerful about being in the presence of an apostle- and when they testify ... "I am a witness that Jesus Christ lives..."
It makes me hold my breath and my heart skip a beat.

So grateful for this tender blessing of having him and Elder De Hoyos take the time in their jammed packed schedule to speak to our missionaries for 3 hours. 
They even indulged us in a photo opportunity as an entire group!

The Church requested photos be taken and three 2minute videos. 
Hermana Guerrero (Sister Missionary) used our mission camera to take these great shots! 
Kudos to her for her reverent and quick picture taking skills.

"Be an agent.... not an object" 
- Elder Bednar 
18 May 2015

"During His (Jesus Christ) earthly ministry, the Savior taught His gospel and performed many miracles. He called twelve men to be His Apostles and laid his hands on their heads to give them priesthood authority. He organized His Church, fulfilled prophecy, and was rejected and crucified. 
Most important, He completed the Atonement. The Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, completed all that His Heavenly Father sent Him to do...
Before the Savior's death and Resurrection, He gave His apostles authority to teach His gospel, perform the ordinances of salvation, and establish His Church in the world. When the circumstances were right, Heavenly Father once again reached out to His children in love. He called a young man named Joseph Smith as a prophet. Through him the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth. 
A living prophet directs the Church today. This prophet, the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -Day Saints, is the authorized successor to Joseph Smith. He and the present Apostles trace their authority to Jesus Christ in an unbroken chain of ordinations through Joseph Smith." 
- Preach My Gospel Manual
Pg . 34-37

 " You never receive a gift to benefit you... only to benefit others.."
- Elder Bednar
18 May 2015

 "The Holy Ghost is a revealer of all things- including the truth about ourselves..."
- Elder Bednar
18 May 2015

"Questions in the scriptures can teach us a lot..."
- Elder Bednar
18 May 2015

"No more disposition to do evil..."
- Elder Bednar
18 May 2015
Mosiah 5: 2

 "..God only trusts us with spiritual gifts if we are willing to be the delivery system of those gifts?.."

 Elder Bednar was so gracious to give President and I a couple of minutes to bare our testimonies and the feelings of our heart... President translated for me ... again!
Our hearts were full....

 Faces of an amazing morning with Elder Bednar and "full spiritual buckets!"

 Our many friends " the taxistas" retrieving our missionaries to take to the bus station

 "Hi MOM!"  Photo bomb courtesy of Elder Galo!


"The restored gospel enables you to become like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The Savior has shown the way. He has set the perfect example, and He commands us to become as He is. Learn of Him and seek to incorporate His attributes into your life. Through the power of His atonement, you can achieve this goal and lead others to achieve it also."
-Preach My Gospel Manual
-pg 115

Hola Presidente :)
Estoy muy muy feliz y nuevamente le quiero agradecer por la compañera que tengo. Siempre me da.. pues usted y el señor me dan exactamente lo que necesito! Mi compañera siempre me ayuda fortalecer las cosas en que estaba fallando y me ayuda ser mejor entonces muchas gracias :) Esta semana nos fue muy bien! Buscamos y buscamos nuevas personas y encontramos algunos muy buenos! Sé que la diligencia y perseverancia son muy muy importantes. Habíamos orado y tocado muchas puertas y nada pero en ese momento recordé lo que usted no enseñó del caballo y lo jalábamos una milla mas! Y el Señor nos bendijo. En mi misión me ha dado cuenta de algo y es que el señor siempre cumple con sus promesas si nosotros cumplimos con él pero no en el tiempo que nosotros a veces pensamos y lo vamos a recibir mas cuando él Señor juzga prudente que lo recibiremos. Algo que Elder Bednar dijo y es muy cierto es que la prueba de nuestra fe no siempre va ser una prueba muy grande pero va ser algo como por ejemplo contactar mil personas y no encontrar alguien hasta el ultimo. Mostramos nuestra fe si seguimos sabiendo que el Señor nos cumplirá. La verdad estoy tan agradecida por cada momento en la mision y todo lo que he estado aprendiendo! Dice en adaptarse a la vida misional que tenemos la gran oportunidad de estar en primera fila y ver los cambios que las personas hacen en sus vidas por medio de la expiación. Y he tenido una gran oportunidad y bendicion de verlo en uno de nuestros investigadores. Él ha tenido problemas con fumar por muchos años y ahora está esforzandose para poder dejarlo para que pueda hacer un convenio con Dios y realmente cambiar su vida. He visto tanto los milagros en su vida y el progreso que ha podido tener en tan corto tiempo y con la ayuda del señor es algo maravillosa. Sé que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y que solamente por medio de el nosotros podemos hacer todas las cosas. La mision sigue siendo mas y mas maravillosa en cada día. Muchas gracias Presidente por todo. 
Especialmente el amor que Usted y Hermana Egbert nos tienen. Les amo muchisimo. 
Que tengan una excelente semana :) Hermana. R

 Our newest convert (above and below) with his new temple recommend to visit the temple baptistery..... He is AWESOME!

This is 13 year old Kevin.... his parents have baptism dates in two weeks. 
Love it when a family is converted and taught together. Youth with testimonies are so powerful... you are looking at a future missionary in less than 5 years!

Branch Conference in Molango this weekend...

First was work in the office with the Branch Presidency and President catching up on finances and membership audits.... and then lunch with members of the branch on Saturday at 2:00 pm. Then from 4-9 pm family visits with the Branch Presidency, President Egbert and the missionaries splitting up. A wonderful experience to be in the members homes and feel of their sweet spirits and testimonies.
And then this morning breakfast with Elder Ford and Elder Barrera (Mom Egbert brought the waffle maker, fresh raspberries and bacon- Elder Barrera even practiced his English skills by saying "This is delicious" - 
Then off to branch conference with approx 40+ in attendance.
Wonderful Weekend!

Our great missionaries are so on dependable. Making sure the house of prayer is clean, grass cut and flowers blooming!


 "Thanks to my parents for sending me sweet surprises!"

 Yum.... Chicharones......

 Some quality time in the local hospital with a BIG case of Pneumonia..
Admitted on Monday night and released Friday morning. 
Grateful for our blessings and the power of prayer.
Elder Jones and Elder Cruz were getting a little stir CRAZY! 

"We are having too much fun together! 
Love my companion...."

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  1. What an incredible experience for everyone there. So happy for you all!