Sunday, May 31, 2015

31 May 2015- And thus our mission tour begins...

So grateful for their sweet dispositions!



Well this week is a busy one-

Special changes again as we sent a missionary home. 
Grateful for missionaries that roll with the "punches"....
 as Elder Bickley would have said "Life is a garden- so DIG IT"

Sister with a wounded tail bone from a fall
Sister with a broken wrist from a bike wreck
Elder recuperating from pneumonia
and the list goes on.....

Mission Tour began with the Tezontepec/Mezquital Zones with the ever POWERFUL Elder and Sister Arnold of the Seventy.


Accompanied Elder/Sister Arnold to the CCM (MTC) in Mexico City. They participated in Sunday services with two branches and then talked to the entire group of missionaries. It was such a privilege to be there and to see the amazing grounds, beautiful and excited missionaries, feel of the sweet spirit, and hear the Arnold's speak with such "passion". 



....An experience we had this week that i thought was really cool and quite a miracle was when we got a referral from the offices and so we went and looked for there house which was house number 21 and they also said it was a green house. So we went to the street that they said they lived on and we found house 21 but it was a white house...? There were like 5 other green houses on the same street so we decided to contact them all and we ended up finding a family who is so prepared for the gospel. Its amazing how the Lord will put people in your way when you least expect it! This is really my first experience like this and i feel so happy and blessed to have this oportunity to teach this family and to serve the Lord here in Pachuca!....
Elder S

.....Es raro pensar cuanto he llegado a amar esta area. Casi llevo 6 meses aqui y de verdad ha sido una benicion enorme trabajar aqui. Cuando llegue aqui yo no tenia ningun idea sobre el area. Mi compañero y yo llegamos solos, sin conocer y sin pretextos. Desde el primer dia, yo he trabajado con mucha fuerza y dios me ha bendecido con mucho exito. Con el tiempo, yo escuche de otros misioneros que este area segun era "chafa." y de hecho, sigo escuchando comentarios asi de varios misioneros. He aprendido aqui que no hay un area mala, ni una tarea demasido dificil. Debemos tener la actidud que en todo lugar y en todo tiempo hay hijos de dios buscando la verdad. Dios confia en nosotros. Dios confia en mi. Aunque esta semana no fue tan buena, No tengo ninguna duda que vamos a seguir logrando grandes cosas aqui. Lo hemos hecho antes, y seguiremos haciendo lo.

Gracias presidente. Cuídese mucho.

-Elder E

Es con familia martinez que cumplieron un año de ser miembros!!!!! y se estan preparando para ser selladoss en septiembre cuando abran el templo!! que emocion!!!!! =)

"Okay this is a dear dear family in Tecamac! Hermana Contreras and I contacted them because they were a reference and la mama...Hermana Reina...cried the first time we visited because she just felt the spirit and she told us the first day that she wanted to get baptized. But is was all a big process she was married before and living with her now husband. But never lost hope we kept teaching them and they progressed so much! Even her husband who smoked a TON and believed in the santa muerte wanted to be baptized. We made plans for them to get married and they did and also got baptizsed when I left to Tulancingo. They found out I was there in Tecamac on intercambios and came out with this cute little heart pillow that says Te quiuero <3 melted my heart and made me kind of cry! They then went with us to visit a family and testified of the difference the gospel makes in their lives. I was just so thankful to see them and see how the gospel really changes lives! I wasn't there for their baptism but I consider them as one of my dear dear families :)"

"my twin! When she left they all said.."hey wheres your twin?" haha People always asked us if we were real sisters! :) Love her so so so much!" 

Hi president:
Im so happy for write you again, this is one of my more tired week!!! because we found a new investigators specially the tuesday, we contact and contact!!! and no body want to hear us, and we think..what it"s happening!!!!? we look ugly or something lke that!!! but we really try... and nothing!!! and try again and nothing!!!! but when we go for an other way... we see a man, he is shopping bread in the street!! and we say , we are missionarys and the lord´s send us for to give you a blessing!!! and he say, no thank i dont believe in god!!! and we try in some many other religion and i cant belive!!! and the only what i think is, he is a layer!! no body can say that!!! and i open my mouth and say... i promisse if you live us inside in your home and give you this blessing i promisse like representant of the lord Jesuschris, you wanna believe in god!!!! and when i feel so strenght the spirit testify, and he say YES!!! and we enter in his home, and was one of the most powerful lesson what i have, and i really can testify the power of the spirit in my mint!!! and he say yes for all... for the baptisim and for read and pray for and answer... and the thursday my companion go to his home again, because we are in interchanges!! and he read all... and he really belive joseph smith was a prophet!!! and he want to baptisim... and im so gratifu when i say im representant of Jesuschrist...

Hermana V

 "haha the night we stayed with the sisters that we were leaving. Hahah they didnt want to leave! Such great misioneras! Miss them a ton! :) So thankful for their examples" 


......From these two weeks I have learned a lot about the charity Sis A has for everyone. I wish I could have the gift of patience and caring like she does. She is an unselfishness young woman whose only desire is to serve the lord with all her mind, heart, and strenght. Her obedience is amazing, and she is still learning how to do some things, she is capable to testify and teach according to the Spirit. Last Friday, we were contacting a combi. So I went to talk to some people, and she went to talked to other two. But one od the people she was contacting started to make her a lot of question and to attack her. When I turned around to see how she was doing, I was amazed by this sister missionary testifying of her believes. I love Sis. A's testimony. It's so honest and powerful.....Love S. B

 "So we couldn't walk the next day after our thigh buster ride- but don't worry we recovered!"
"Hermana Boones first time on a bike in the MISSION! She was so awesome and did so great!...hahah she said her legs were so SORE the next day...haha so for exercise we did YOGA and stretched :) she is so positive and strong!"

We LOVE working with the members! She got baptized with us a year ago when I was in the trio and she has just been called to be misionera del barrio! She is SO happy and always does visits with us! I am so thankful for her :) 
She is a converso REAL <3 (REAL CONVERT)

Hi President!

This week we were able to find more peoples to teach, we had some very good experiences.

We were looking for a reference that we were not able to find because we did not have the number or address exact of the house, we only had one description of the house, it is very difficult in Mexico to find references! While we tried to find the house, we found a home similar to the description that we received, we knocked the door and a women left the home, we began to speak with her and we asked if the people that we were finding lived there, she said "no", then we asked if we were able to share a message of Jesus Christ with her and her family, she accepted but not with enthusiasm.

When we came in the house, she called her sons, one descended from his room and the other come with a group of childrens, every one sat down next to us, then we asked if we can say a prayer and if they wanted us to pray for something or someone in particular, one the her sons he asked us to pray for his grandmother, we asked for the reason of his petition, and in this moment he began to cry and he said that his grandmother died, his mother hugged him and there was a moment of silence, his mother continued saying that she never thought that he was still sad about the death of his grandmother.

We shared a short message of the Plan of Salvation and as we concluded she thanked us because she could tell that her son needed help, and she accepted that we can return.

The most amazing part was that a child that is not from this family, ran to his house and when he returned, he said that his family wants to listen to us!

Right now the two families are listening to us. We hope that they come to the chapel next Sunday.

Esta semana logramos hablar con varios miembros que aceptaron acompañarnos en esta próxima semana, ya fijamos citas con ellos y esperamos poder lograr que varios miembros conozcan y hermanen a las personas que estamos enseñando.

Muchísimas gracias por toda su ayuda Presidente y el ánimo que siempre me da!

Elder M

 "PASSED" my FINAL English language exam!!!!

 We look like the "pack mules" for our zones..... 

Querido Presidente,

Por fin logramos el entandare. Después un ciclo medio difícil logramos nuestros metas. Tuvimos la oportunidad no solo a visitar 50 personas pero siento que realmente ayudemos a ellos entender el mensaje. La zona hasta ahora esta bien como siempre no hay tantos dificultades al principio pero siento que vamos a tener mucho éxito. Tenemos muy buenos misioneros y tengo el deseo a ayudarles lograr su potencial. No soy perfecto ni estoy cerca pero si hablo con el espíritu ellos tendrán la oportunidad a cambiar. Tengo mucho que mejorar pero estoy logrando que quiero. Primeramente con mis estudios. ¡WOW! No se porque no empece a estudiar con los 5 puntos antes. He aprendido cosas tan importantes que las personas necesitan entender con eso. Mas el punto numero 3. buscar patrones. Con eso yo entiendo mejor las cosas que he estudiado bastante veces y ahora aprendí mas y la gran importancia de ella. Es maravillosa que puede aprender con un poquito de esfuerzo pero mas importante si estudia por otras personas. Linea por Linea, precepto por precepto. Segundo es la oración. Durante el tiempo que estuve estudiando el discurso de Elder Bednar antes que empezar pedí que podría saber como ser convertido. En 5 minutos encontré los 5 punto de la conversión. Me maravillé. 5 cosas para saber como yo puedo ser convertido al Señor 100%. Siento que en esta época de mi vida estoy en el numero 4. Todavía tengo mucho que cambiar en mi corazón. Pero estoy tan dispuesto que me mata que soy tan débil. Siento como Nefi "Oh, miserable hombre que soy! Si, mi corazón se entristece a causa de mi carne. Mi alma se aflige a causa de mis iniquidades. Me veo circundado a causa de las tentaciones y pecados que tan fácilmente me asedian. y cuando deseo regocijarme, mi corazón gime a causa de mis pecados; no obstante, se en quien he confiado. Mi Dios ha sido mi apoyo; el me ha guiado por entre mis aflicciones en el desierto; y me ha preservado sobre las aguas del gran mar." Tal vez no exactamente en algunos aspectos pero si ja. Se que yo puedo cambiar y lo haré. Muchas Gracias Presidente por todo. Les amo mucho. Elder R

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